February 28, 2017

High Pressure Jetting Is A Safe and Eco-Friendly Alternative

Cleaning hardened surfaces such as brick, concrete and stone can be tricky. Many industrial cleaners will not only harm those surfaces but will make them look unattractive. A great solution to get those types of surfaces looking brilliant again is to utilize High Pressure Jetting. While many of you already now what High Pressure Jetting is some of you may not. Today we are going to take a look at exactly what High Pressure Jetting is and how it may benefit you.

As was stated in the above paragraph many industrial chemical cleaners can harm surfaces and destroy their value. Instead of using those chemicals High Pressure Jetting used to safely clean many different surfaces. This method utilizes the power of water pressure to wash away dirt and grime. The ultra High Pressure Jetting and high pressure jetting machine will build up water pressure by using a pump that is powered by a motor that often runs off of diesel or petrol. This pressure is then used to blast away crude and make surfaces look like new again. What makes this method so sought after is the fact that it does not use heat which will often damage surfaces. This is why many people who wish to clean the outside of their homes choose to use High Pressure Jetting.

Another reason many choose to use High Pressure Jetting is because it is Eco-friendly. Using a closed loop system, the water that is used to clean with can be collected and then filtered. Once the waste water has been collected and filtered it will be safe to pour down the drain and you will have no worries. This will reduce the risk of accidental contamination. Plus it is great for surfaces that have been stained with oil such as a drive or sidewalk.