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March 15, 2017
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Tank cleaning companies based in the UK

Tank cleaning companies based in the UK

When we first started our business we were solely based in Vancouver, Canada. After visiting family in Birmingham, UK – who were, as luck would have it industrial cleaners. I had always stayed in touch with my family in the UK but not in great detail. We wished each other merry Christmas and happy birthday etc but didn’t really discuss much more.

So, we started talking about our businesses and although we worked in the same field – they worked in more of a niche. They operate as one of the few specialist tank cleaning companies in the UK.

Initially I thought it was some form of aquatic cleaning but in fact, it’s much more interesting than that – some of the tanks they cleaned were nuclear power plants! I will go into more detail shortly about what tank cleaning is but rest assured, we have now partnered with Bio Clean Jetting and we conduct tank cleaning on their behalf (and rightly so, after the intense hours they spent training us) here in Canada!

So, what is tank cleaning? Well find out more about the kind of tanks we are talking about by clicking here – as you can see, it’s not aquatic!

What exactly is tank cleaning?

Tank cleaning is what the title implies – it’s a man or a small team along with specialist industrial cleaning equipment. It’s worth noting that these tanks can range from being huge in size – think nuclear reactor, can include oil storage tanks, chemical storage tanks and even chocolate storage!

The team will enter the tank they need to clean and often the contents can be extremely flammable and be an incredibly confined space. Many of these storage tanks contain chemicals or gases and over the time these chemicals and gasses can create sludge and sediments – hence the reason they need to be cleaned.

High powered jets of water is most commonly used operating at as a high as 120,000 PSI (Enough to completely cut an elephant in half!). So it is essential that adequate training is undertaken, health and safety procedures are in place and the tank cleaning process is planned intricately from start to finish!

The manager of Bio Clean Jetting LTD, David Day has this to say:

When you mention industrial cleaning to people, they automatically think of you with a hoover or a cloth – they don’t imagine you entering a confined space with £250,000s worth of equipment. Tank cleaning is a specialist procedure and not everyone provides this service but we have been doing this for over a decade and can honestly say that we love it!

So for your tank cleaning and industrial cleaning services in the UK – visit biocleanjetting.co.uk today and if you’re based in Canada – get in touch with us here.